Free School Meals / Uniform Grant Eligibility

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) can apply if your son or daughter is in full-time education and if you are in receipt of one of the following benefits:-

  • Income Support;
  • Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance;
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance;
  • Guarantee Element of State Pension Credit;
  • Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit with an annual taxable income of £16,190 or less;
  • Universal credit and have net household earnings not exceeding £14,000 per year.


  • if you are an Asylum Seeker supported by the Home Office Asylum Support Assessment Team (ASAT); or
  • if your child has a statement of special educational needs and is designated to require a special diet.


Student(s) can apply:

  • if the course you are studying is a full-time course, and
  • You are receiving benefit in your own name.

                                                                    Total                  Uniform                  PE

Primary School pupils      (born          Total

                                                                                                Uniform    /                  PE /

on or before 1 July 2017)                       £35.75

Secondary School and Special

                                                                    Total                  Uniform                  PE

School pupils

Under 15 years of age on 1                   Total                  Uniform                  PE

August 2021                                             £73.00               £51.00                      £22.00

15 years of age or over on 1                 Total                  Uniform                  PE

August 2021                                             £78.00               £56.00                      £22.00

Pupils at Regional Colleges/FE Colleges who are not in receipt of any financial support which includes provision for clothing suitable for Physical Education and where Physical Education is part of their course

Contact details for the Meals and Uniform service.

If additional information is required or any difficulty is experienced, parents can contact the Meals and Uniform Service.

Contact Monday – Friday 9am – 4.30pm by:

Telephone: 028 9041 8044/ Email: