About Us

We plan to sustain and develop our organisation so it can meet the new challenges of the post-covid world and further develop the range of services we can provide for children and young people.

We provide children and young people with a safe and secure environment that will reduce their anxieties and promote their development, as well as help parents to understand and support their children’s needs. We offer volunteering opportunities and training, promoting skills development and potential routes to employment with part time admin, professional therapies and technical support.

All-Inclusive Service

We network with councils, agencies, organisations and groups working with children with disabilities in house or by providing teaching and sensory sessions externally.

We are an inclusive service that aims to cater for children and young people of all ages and abillities.

Our Objectives

  • To enable our participants to use all senses through play, making the best use of time, space and sensory equipment available. It is important that the sensory environment presents the child/young person with an attractive, challenging, stimulating and safe space.
  • To encourage equal opportunities for all.
  • To learn in a sensory room where there is no failure.
  • To promote positive behaviour by praising, encouraging and being attentive to all needs.
  • To continually assess the guidance available from all sources, particularly government departments, and demonstrate best practice in all areas.

Treating every child and young person as an individual

Recognising & encouraging the value of parental input

Supporting equal opportunities

Bringing together communities of all disabilities

Meet the Team

Mary Connor


Kathryn Davidson


Lauren McLaughlin

Secretary & Lego Therapy Facilitator

Tracey Wallace


Lisa Turtle

Vice Chairperson // Six Bricks Facilitator

Nicola Galbraith

Six Bricks & Lego Therapy facilitator // Committee Member

Mayella Walker

Committee Member