Caudwell Children – Sensory Packs

Caudwell Children is excited to announce the launch of our Get Sensory Packs! We’ve listened to our families who told us that occupying their children, finding appropriate and safe toys and the money to provide their children with the equipment they would like is even more difficult than usual at the moment.

In response to this, we have created The Get Sensory Pack to provide affordable sensory equipment to support disabled children during this especially difficult time. These packs are available to children who have a confirmed disability or chronic illness.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Families can apply for packs directly

  • They must have a child with a confirmed disability between 0 – 18 years old

  • Families must legally live in the UK

  • Household income must be below £45,000 per year (before tax, excluding benefits)

  • One application per household

  • Caudwell Children will provide 80% of the cost of each pack (families will be asked to contribute 20% of the item cost, which is £20)

  • We want to help as many people as possible but due to limited numbers of these amazing Get Sensory Packs we may have to prioritise applications and can’t guarantee everyone will get one. We do promise we will let you know as soon as possible if you have been successful, or if there is another way we can help you.

Families will also be asked to provide confirmation of their financial status and confirmation of their child’s diagnosis. Applying for a Get Sensory Pack will not prevent families from accessing other equipment or support from other Caudwell Children services.


Caudwell Children – Sensory Packs

If you are unsure if your child meets our eligibility criteria please feel free to get in touch.


About the Pack

Our Occupational Therapy and Support Team have selected key sensory items that offer children a broad range of sensory opportunities, therapeutic benefits and interactive experiences. The pack has been designed to support children living with a wide range of disabilities who are likely to benefit from sensory resources.

Each pack will include

Liquid Cell Timer, Scented Bubbles, BoBo Massager, Sissle Brush, 4 Ball Massager,

Weighted Cushion, Spikey Domes, Space Blanket, Fibre Optic Lamp*

*Reasonable exchanges may be made dependent upon availability of items.


Get Sensory Packs Support

To support families further we will provide inspirational guides and demonstration videos for families to use with their children and Caudwell Children’s Get Sensory Pack. This will enable families to use their packs to the full potential. Telephone support, email and Live Online Chat will be available to enable families to access all of our range of services.

You can call our Family Services Team on

0345 300 1348

You can email our Family Services Team on